We love to make your children smile :)

Culture Curry was conceived to help children and parents connect with their Indian heritage. Taking advantage of new technologies like tablets and smart phones, we aim to provide healthy, fun and supportive tools, which will bring you and your child closer to your culture.

Culture Curry has two Hindi language-learning apps - – Let's Learn Hindi! and Let's Learn Hindi! Vowels. We recently launched an interactive story book app on the life of Gautam Buddha in both Hindi and English.

You can expect many more such apps related to Indian language, music, art, food, history from us in the future. We'll bring you key aspects of Indian culture bit by byte, one app at a time!

Learning through play and interactive discovery

At Culture Curry we strongly feel that children learn best when they are drawn into a subject because it engaging and importantly speaks to them at their level. We are passionate about finding new ways to support children's learning through play and interactive discovery.

Our apps are a wonderful balance between age appropriate fun, enriching content and appealing design. They are intuitive to use and will appeal to babies, toddlers and even preschoolers. Kids will be able to easily connect with the playful graphics, and characters from everyday life used the apps, which will provide them with a familiar environment to learn and play.

Our Apps

For iPhone, iPad
and iTouch

Let's Learn Hindi!

For iPhone, iPad
and iTouch

Let's Learn Hindi! Vowels