Introduce your children to the story of Buddha

Let's Learn about Gautam Buddha is a gentle introduction to the life story of Gautam Buddha. Born a prince, this story narrartes the instances, which led to Prince Siddhartha renouncing his throne and adopting the life of a monk.

Narrated in both Hindi and English, this story book has a great dictionary feature which easily explains the challenging vocabulary to the young readers. With the help of the media player buttons, kids can also replay the narration. Surprises in the form of touch based interactions are sure to delight.

Ages 7+ | For iPad

Let's Learn About Gautam Buddha

Let's Learn About Gautam Buddha

Great tool for vocabulary building

Bi-lingual narration of story by professional voice artist
Challenging vocabulary included in both languages
Builds spoken and written vocabulary
Easy to access dictionary on each page

Appealing graphics make for enjoyable reading

Beautiful Illustrations that are sure to enchant
Replay narration whenever required
Interesting interactions that make every page a pleasurable
Two reading modes - read to me and read by myself

Introduction to Buddhism

Information on important historic buddhist sites
Covers the basic tenents of Buddhism, in a simple to comprehend style

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