Children love the fun,
parents love the learning!

The next delightful app in the Let's Learn Hindi! series, this app sets the stage for advanced reading skills, vocabulary building and spelling success.

Kids will have a blast as they learn all the vowels in the Hindi alphabet, discover the interactive surprises hidden in each alphabet's story, learn how to write the matras associated with each swar in the tracing board and play the fun and educational memory game.

Ages 4+ | For iPhone, iPad, iTouch

Let's Learn Hindi! Vowels

Let's Learn Hindi! Vowels

Great tool for vocabulary building

Fun memory game is a great educational tool
Match the picture of the object with its written spelling
Builds spoken and visual vocabulary
3 progressively difficult boards to keep it challenging
80 pairs of cards which are used at random so every time you play the game it will be different from the last time

Learn 'matras' with the 'swars'

Digital slate board teaches you how to write the swars the way it is taught in school
Touch the lines note at the top to see how its associated matra is written within the 5 lined Hindi notebook
Touch the pink notes see how to pronounce consonants with matras correctly
Stepping stone to spelling success

Interactive Stories that will delight

Touch the moving object on the alphabet page to make it come alive
Original graphics are playful and interesting
Repeat the spoken sound of each letter by touching the text
Easy navigation from the home page to each letter and from one letter to the next
4 foot tapping original tunes that can be changed/turned off according to your mood

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