Give your kids a headstart the fun way!

Let's Learn Hindi! is a fun and interactive app to teach kids the Hindi alphabet.

Watch your kids pick up early reading skills with these playful letter flashcards. What's more, your kids will even learn how to trace and write the Hindi alphabet just the the way it is taught in school!

Ages 2+ | For iPhone, iPad, iTouch

Let's Learn Hindi!

Let's Learn Hindi!

A delightful introduction to Hindi

Age appropriate fun, enriching content and appealing design
Learn the sounds of all the 36 consonants in the Varnmala
Every alphabet has a unique story
Playful original graphics make learning a game

Develop early reading and writing skills

Support learning through play and interactive discovery
Develop vocabulary, auditory and visual skills
Kids will see, name and identify objecs, colours and fruits
Trace 'n' write all alphabets with the digital slate board

Universal app to buy and use

Buy it once, use it on your iPhone, iPad and iTouch
Three upbeat, tunes included that will keep your kids dancing
Fun sound effects with every alphabet that are sure to delight
Each letter repeats its phonic sound when touched

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